Our attorneys represent condominium associations, homeowners associations and individual owners in disputes over assessments, foreclosures, governance and other issues that are unique to common-interest communities. We advise clients on changes in local laws and stay abreast of emerging trends across the nation that affect community associations. Our attorneys’ conciliatory style has helped us successfully assist homeowners avoid litigation, bring defaulted owners into compliance, negotiate pay offs for past due assessments with lenders, restore dwindling condominium financial reserves and promulgate rules and regulations for associations which establish a sense of community.

Our firm is a Business Partner with the Community Associations Institute (CAI)—a national conglomerate of community associations, property managers and lawyers who work together to educate homeowners, lobby policymakers and represent the interests of community associations nationwide. The firm’s managing attorney, Yaida Ford, sits on the D.C. and Maryland Legislative Action Committees for CAI.

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What They’re Saying

The Ford Law Firm did exceptional work on behalf of the Kings Court Condominium Association. Our community was facing numerous legal challenges but thanks to this phenomenal firm, we are bouncing back. Their professionalism and knowledge exceeded our expectations. They are officially our law firm.

Regina DixonPresident, Kings Court Condominium

I highly recommend The Ford Law Firm for resolution of HOA/Condo law disputes. DC may have more attorneys per capita than any other State, but few specialize in DC HOA/Condo law. None that I contacted came even remotely close to matching the thoroughness with which the merits of my case were initially assessed. Based on this thoroughness alone, I retained The Ford Law Firm. Your outcome, based on the material facts of your case, may differ from mine. Notwithstanding, in my case, The Ford Law Firm’s attorneys indisputably outperformed my opponent’s lawyers. Bottom line: for DC HOA/Condo legal disputes, you’ll be hard pressed to find any law firm, at any price, that outperforms The Ford Law Firm

Tim RolfUnit Owner

I own a condo in Washington DC (Capitol Hill) that I have been renting out for over 10 years. I found myself in a dispute with my Association over a maintenance issue in another unit. In my search for counsel, I came across The Ford Law Firm. I read Attorney Ford’s online bio and some of the testimonials from her other clients. I take reviews with a grain of salt but one of the testimonials was from a person who wrote something “straight with no chaser” that definitely spoke to how I felt about my situation. I decided to call her office for assistance. After consulting with her in person, it was clear that she was extremely knowledgeable about condo law. But what I appreciated the most was that she explained to me how judges view the evidence in these types of cases and how the law works. Attorney Ford understood my point of view, anticipated the other side’s legal arguments and helped me develop a game plan complete with options that I was comfortable with. Her fees are reasonable, communication skills are awesome and her listening skills are excellent. As she predicted, the condo board’s law firm sent me a demand letter in January of 2015. With our plan in tact we responded with my evidence which she brilliantly translated into legal speak and with the threat of countersuit. In February 2015 they backed down and finally it was all over. If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re probably contemplating hiring an attorney for some matter. Hire her and if you need any additional details about my experience, I’m happy to share.

Dan ReevesUnit Owner