Reason No. 11 for Having an Estate Plan: The Selfish Child that Legal Zoom Does Not Account For

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My clients often want to leave the division of personal property up to their heirs. They usually say something like, “They’ll do the right thing.” I always want to respond, “Wrong answer.” I know this from experience. I was riding in the car with my godmother who told me that…

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The Condo Fee Fairness Act of 2014: Much Ado About Nothing

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Council member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4) introduced legislation last month that establishes new requirements for condominium associations before they can foreclose on unit owners who are delinquent on their monthly assessments. This bill, co-sponsored by council member Kenyan McDuffie (D- Ward 5), creates several new requirements for Associations including (1)…

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Settlement Negotiation Skills: The Art of War

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Negotiating a settlement is not easy. There are a few pointers and skills, however, that have helped me settle many cases successfully while remaining civil with the other side. Remember negotiating is an art form. There is no right or wrong way to do it. The tips below are general…

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Top 5 Reasons You Need an Estate Plan

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Life is unpredictable and an estate plan will provide order for you and your loved ones during times of crisis.  A good estate plan will include a power of attorney, living will, advance medical directive and a last will and testament.  If you have specific wishes for how you want…

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Reason # 10 For Having an Estate Plan: Your Ex-Wife Hopes You Forgot to Amend Your 401(k) Plan

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Divorce is not easy.  I have seen families erupt from this process. Even when both sides agree that divorce is the best option, it is a difficult process that takes a toll on everyone involved, even the lawyers.  That said, I think after the divorce is over most people go…

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Your Best Mentors May Not Look Like You

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After entering private practice I found myself calling upon various attorneys I’d established relationships with throughout my legal career for guidance. Some of them were men, some were women, some were white, some were Black, some were Jewish and so on. I am thankful that I have a tremendous network…

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