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Navy Federal Credit Union Class Action Lawsuit

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Navy Federal Credit Union, the largest credit union in the U.S., is facing a class action lawsuit accusing it of racial discrimination in its home mortgage practices. We invite you to learn more about the class action lawsuit below and to complete our intake form to determine if you meet the requirements.

What is housing discrimination?

Housing discrimination occurs when the transfer of a home or the ability to buy or sell is impeded because of the race of one or both parties in the transaction. For example, if a lender refuses to lend money to someone who wants to buy a home based on the race, color or national origin of the person, then that person was the victim of housing discrimination.  Similarly, if a seller refuses to sell their home to a potential buyer because of the buyer’s race, color or national origin, the would-be buyer has been the victim of housing discrimination.

What is a class action lawsuit?

Class action is a lawsuit that involves multiple plaintiffs who have suffered the same or similar injuries from the same conduct committed by the same defendant.

How do I know if I am a member of a class?

To find out if you are a member of a class, you must be screened to determine if you meet certain criteria that qualifies you to collect money in the event of a settlement.

What do I need to do to find out if I qualify for the Navy Federal class action lawsuit?

If you applied for a mortgage with Navy Federal between the years of 2018 and the present time, and your application was denied you MAY qualify but there are several other criteria that must be met.  To determine if you qualify, please submit a FREE case evaluation by clicking this link here

Request a free case review for the Navy Federal Class Action Lawsuit.