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Police Misconduct

The attorneys and staff at Ford Law Pros have successfully litigated civil rights cases to verdict.  If you have an issue involving law enforcement and believe that your individual rights have been violated, we are delighted to be of service to you.

Our attorneys represent individuals with civil rights claims against governments and municipalities for violations of federal and local statutes that protect the basic civil rights of citizens. See below to read the testimonial of Byron Jordan, a man who was brutally attacked by Prince George’s County Police and mall security officers who mistook him for a primary aggressor after he and his wife and son were attacked by armed thugs in a shopping mall. Watch an Insider Exclusive news interview with Mr. Jordan and Attorney Yaida Ford as she discusses the difficulty Plaintiff’s face when suing the police, and click here to read the press release about the case. If you or someone you know has been the victim of police brutality, call now. We are here to help.

What They’re Saying

Ms. Ford is a lawyer with integrity. She really cares about her clients and will work hard for you. She is responsive, accessible and honest. Her staff are always very professional, knowledgeable, and timely. I was treated with the utmost respect from each person at the firm. They are not your standard “act first, ask questions later” type of law firm. They will fight very hard to obtain a successful and fair outcome.

Byron JordanConcerned Citizen