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Winter is becoming more brutal in various parts of the country. If Association do not prepare before the worst of winter’s weather hits, they will be overwhelmed with daily issues. Here are a few tips that will help your community prepare for the worst.

Designate Areas for Snow Removal before it snows– When snow piles up in parking lots and common areas it makes it impossible for owners to navigate. Failure to properly address these issues will lead to slip and falls and other accidents on the property. Boards must designate areas on the property where excess snow can be safely dumped after walkways, parking lots and thoroughfares are cleared.

Repair Potholes before Winter– We all know what potholes do to our cars. If potholes are not repaired properly they will certainly expand. It is not advisable to use “cold-patching” as a temporary fix. Hot-mix asphalt should be used to properly repair a pothole. Be warned: hot-mix asphalt is usually not available during cold weather so the Association must act BEFORE winter hits to repair any potholes on the property.

Write it Down– Associations need to prepare a plan to deal with snow and ice. The plan should include WHAT tasks need to be done to prepare for winter; WHO will be assigned to what task; WHEN the tasks need to be completed; HOW often tasks need to be done; and HOW MUCH it will cost the Association to put the plan in action.

If your community works together, Mr. Winter will not get the best of you.

Yaida Ford represents Associations and unit owners in D.C. and Maryland.